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Critically evaluate leadership and change management strategies adopted by the key and other characters.

Based on the film below, you are required to critically evaluate leadership and change management strategies adopted by the key and other characters. About the following film: Imitation Game (Film)
1. You will identify the leadership challenges faced by the leader and other key characters and critically evaluate the way these challenges have been managed over a defined period of time.
2. Based on your response to the above, evaluate the reaction of the followers/ key stakeholders to change and their role in bringing about or sabotaging the process.
3. Compare and contrast the leadership behaviors exhibited from your chosen film with the approaches taken by Richard Brandon (CEO of Virgin)

This report requires a selective application of appropriate models underpinning leadership, change and follower ship.

-Find/Use quotes to underpin an argument in the film
-What does the leader in the film use to lead >> e.g Knowledge (Classify the leadership, do they move between different leadership styles
-Use books and journal articles as references, e.g. Hersey and Blanchard (1993) Management of Organizational Behavior, Riggs and Candlewick (2004) The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Otter (1990) A Force for Change: How Leadership Differs from Management. Intermingle (1979) The Nature of Managerial Work,
-make use of this model to demonstrate the change of the people or the organization Kurt Lewis change management model, justify why you choose it
-Appendices should have 500 words (main body 1.500), include here other characters from the movie e.g. Joan Clarke, other Followers
-Identify and analyze sources and types of power

-use a variety of model which relate to leadership always demonstrate things that were mention in the film, main character/key person Alan Turning
-use phrases for arguments e.g. Because of/as/since, Given (the fact) that, Due to, As is show, If… then… Therefore, As a result, This leads/points to
-Needs to be well structure throughout.

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