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Write a case study on your response to someone who has no idea what higher education is all about.

  • Write to the uninformed. Write your response to someone who has no idea what higher education is all about. You need to explain thoroughly, make connections to evidence, and use examples from the case to bolster your points.  If you do that, you will most likely offer the clear and thorough arguments the faculty want to see. Analyze the case and provide a potential approach to addressing the issues, informed by theory and evidence-based concepts. Criteria The faculty are less interested in you being “right” in your analysis than in seeing evidence that you can integrate the information you have learned across the curriculum, think through it critically, and apply it effectively. What the faculty want to see as part of your analysis: Discussion of major issues in the case  Application of theory  Using evidence-based concepts to inform the analysis  Thinking critically about the case, its component parts, and the best approach to addressing the issues Connecting a wide variety of course materials and content to inform the analysis  Writing that demonstrates professional level work, including adherence to SPA guidelines Here are some things for you to consider: Evidence-based concepts could include the following: o Peer-reviewed journal articles o Institutionally-based practices that are supported by data o Research reports from established and recognized organizations Theoretically-informed literature or reports from international or national research centers Application of theory should do the following:Identify the reason the theory was selected.Discuss concepts/components of the theory in a detailed and thorough manner Align each concept/component of the theory with the issues in the case and explain why the theory informs or leads to the best approach.If concepts/components of the theory are not used or you do not think they are applicable, discuss the reasons why Critical thinking is demonstrated by:Analysis of what works and what does not work in the case.Discussion of the case from different perspectives (e.g., primary character in the case as well as others involved or impacted constituents, etc.) and levels (e.g.,individual, work group, etc.) Defending the approach as the most appropriate path in context of what we know from the professional literature. Examination of how the case is important to the mission of higher education (e.g.,student development, student success, student learning, etc.)
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