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How do the frameworks of national cinema and small nations’ cinemas illuminate the case of Saudi Arabian cinema?

The LR chapter will be around 10K words (for now you’ll do 5k words and next month I’ll order another 5k words) and I need you to adopt a model for Saudi cinema and the model should match with the theoretical framework I’m using “the political economy approach and specifically using an analyzing the ownership and control”, and the 5K words must answer these question:

*How do the frameworks of national cinema and small nations’ cinemas illuminate the case of Saudi Arabian cinema?
*How would you define Saudi Arabia cinema?
*Why are small nations’ cinemas relevant for this thesis?
*What features and conditions of small nations’ cinemas have scholars identified?
*Which of these features is relevant to the Saudi case, and in what ways?
*What does looking at Saudi cinema through the lens of small nations’ cinemas accomplish? (That is, why is this a useful critical framework?)
*What does a national cinema include? Then explain what key characteristics of national cinemas would be relevant to the Saudi case.

I’ll upload 2k words draft I did and you’ll see my supervisor comments. You can get the sources I’ve used and I’ll upload a PDF of two books that is very helpful.
For more information about my thesis, this is the structure of the thesis:
Chapter 1: Introduction to film industry and theoretical framework (the political economy approach).
Chapter 2: Literature Review (About cinema in small nation)
Chapter 3: Film Industry pre-2005. Historical background
Chapter 4: Film Industry between 2005 – 2015.
Here we’ve four case studies:
1. Keir AL-Hal? Film 2006.
2. Menuhin Film 2009.
3. Wadded Film 2012.
4. Saudi film festival 2008.
(Using case studies in order to explain and understand in details how is the relationship between the Saudi film industry and other powerful individuals in Saudi Arabia).
Chapter 5: The new kingdom from 2015 – present.
1. creating institutions (like General Authority for Entertainment in 2015, Saudi Film Council in 2018, Allowing the General commission for audiovisual media to organize and licenses movie theaters in 2017, creating General Authority for Culture in 2016 and, etc)
2. New programs for policy, censorship, and subsidy.
3. Restriction of the religious authorities.
Chapter 6: Conclusion.
Send me 3k in the next two weeks, I’ll read it and in 4 weeks you send a complete draft (5K words)
Let me know if you have further question.

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