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Create shorter paragraphs with headings, like a Wikipedia article.

Lumbar Herniated Disc – Prevention.

Exercises Stretches Gear 300 words max 2 Illustrations: 2 – 3 sentence descriptions 5 research articles All information must be verifiable.  It must include citations to a minimum of5 research articles or 5 research articles + 1 peer-reviewed sources (from PubMed, web of knowledge, Google scholar, text books, etc., not consumer websites, like Web MD, Wikipedia, etc.)It is important to paraphrase and to cite your sources –this gives you credibility as a professional who knows what you are talking Writing must be in formal, concise encyclopedic prose that is descriptive.  No 1stor 2ndperson pronouns are used.  Verbose, informal, or colloquial phrases are not suitable.  Create shorter paragraphs with headings, like a Wikipedia article.  Writing must be descriptive, not prescriptive.The text must be supported by at least (2)illustrations of the material.  This may include a graph (not a table), diagrams, photos, info graphics.  All visual artwork and photos must be referenced properly and not plagiarized from copyrighted sources.

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