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Critically evaluate the evidence from the case studies.

  • Comment on whether the research is worthwhile or weak Very high premium quality essay for 1500 words “Autobiographical Memory is an Accurate Retelling of Our Lives”Words: 2000 words, Reference SPA style Paragraph 1: Explanation/example of false memory What is a false memory •Malleability of autobiographical memory&tbsp;&tbsp;explanation, example and prevalence •Biological + cognitive perspective on how memory is malleable Paragraph 2: Literature review of false memories Paragraph 3: Critically evaluate the evidence •Critically evaluate the evidence from the case studies •Comment on whether the research is worthwhile or weak •Weaknesses of the study Teacher’s Comments:It looks as though your first paragraph is fairly content heavy – There are a couple of independent ideas in there that probably need to be divided up.&tbsp;&tbsp;You may find it difficult to adequately address the question within the word limit if you try to discuss both biological and cognitive perspectives. To be honest, they would both each need their own paragraph to provide enough detail – I would possibly encourage you to stick to one.&tbsp;If you would like to focus on false memories, I would recommend that you clearly link all of your arguments back to that – just make sure that when you are discussing malleability of memory that you are not deviating too far from actual ‘false memories’ – just keep in mind that it’s not the same as recall of an actual event with some slight inaccuracies.&tbsp;What do you plan to include in your literature review for paragraph 2? The bulk of the essay should be introducing experimental evidence and then critically evaluating it – it seems like paragraphs 1 and 2 are going to be quite similar.&tbsp;Also remember that it’s important to discuss some evidence surrounding the other side of the argument – an essay should mention both points of view and then come to a conclusion about which is the most compelling. This will link in fairly smoothly when you are discussing the weaknesses of the research you have presented.&tbsp;Are you discussing these ideas within a particular scope i.e. childhood memories or legal testimony? It may be worthwhile to have an ‘overarching theme’ that you can link your ideas to. Not essential, although it may help with the flow of the essay.


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