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Is ‘Drill’ music liable for the UK’s increased crime rate?

Hello, I have chosen you because you have excellent reviews and knowledge in these subject areas.  This dissertation needs to be the usual style including an abstract, literature review etc. This is sort of a psychology/criminology/sociology project.  I have attached a PDF containing guidelines for the dissertation, it is vital that these are followed as i need to be in the top band for each section.  The dissertation itself needs to include a discussion of all possibilities of the question not just one opinion. Topics that need to be explored should include: Violent media forms effects on the brain, Theories about how violent media increases violent behavior, aggression and desensitization.  Incase you weren’t aware ‘Drill’ music is a new form of rap which has recently blown up in the UK.  It is mainly produced by gangs in major cities and contains lyrics that talk about stabbings, shootings, murders, drugs etc. This is said to fuel a vast amount of the gang wars in London and other areas but also been harmful to the audience members and creates a social norm to which they conform to and imitate the behavior.  Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hojXQcOVzg.For your time, if you have any questions feel free to contact me   (I need to create an evaluation of sources so i have included an originality report in the order therefor i can see every source used in its whole with website links and author names etc included.

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