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List five of the dominant values on your campus.

In an approximately three-page paper, answer the following questions:Think about your own campus. List five of the dominant values on your campus. Now list five dominant norms and five artifacts that reflect those values or contradict them.Do you think your campus culture is different from or typical of most college campus cultures? How do you know this, or why don’t you know enough to answer this question?Identify some of the visible subcultures on campus. What makes each a subculture rather than just a bunch of people who have something in common?Do you feel as though you are part of the dominant culture on campus? A micro culture? A subculture? A counterculture? Some of these? All of these? Explain.Why is a campus culture important? How does it influence how you spend your time and energy in college?Do you think your campus culture has encouraged you to become a more active citizen? Are you engaged with civic activities on campus? Off campus? Why or why not? If not, is there something in your campus culture that has discouraged your active citizenship? If there is, what is it, and what do you think might help change this type of culture?”

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