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Research proposal on compliments as a form of positive communication.

Research Proposal. (30%) This paper will present a proposal for a future research study where you seek to closely examine ONE aspect of Shrivel’ s model (7 pp) (Shrivel, pp 161-165). My aspect of Drivel’s model is compliments as a form of positive communication. I am including a paper I submitted that has some of his edits. Please make sure this research proposal includes an introduction, short review of current literature, a problem statement, and includes a proposed qualitative study complete with research questions, problem/objective, significance of the study, methodology and projected outcomes. Please make sure to use complete in-text citations throughout this paper and include the questions you’d ask interview participants in the appendix.Use Shrivel, J. (2014). The art of positive communication. New York: Peter Lang  ISBN v978-1433120992 as a key reference.


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