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Students’ Perception of Cloud Applications Usefulness and Effectiveness in Undergraduate Education in Saudi Arabia.

Write the following parts of the research by applying the attached marking criteria (RESEARCH REPORT PART):Introduction A summary of the literature critiqued in the proposal (include new references) The research question.Research Design More detail about the above parts are included in the marking criteria file (attached). 1.Check the proposal feedback from supervisor especially the highlighted points. (attached) 2Use the attached proposal file to find the required information to extend this research.3 Use academic articles, peer-reviewed, published in the last 5 years, SPA reference style, academic language. 4.Bear in mind that this research is using The technology acceptance model (TAM). 5.Connect the research with the survey based on TAM (attached) as much as possible which will be useful in writing the research design part. 6.Quality over quantity. 7.Elaboration in related ideas is preferred. 8.Other parts I will do them later next week as they require collecting data from a survey. 9.The survey is still open for participation and will be closed soon.10.Font: Arial, size:12, Line spacing:1.5 11.Anything is not clear please ask.12.Include existing references.

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