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Complete the proposal on christian organizational behavior.

Complete the following proposal & milestone template for approval on your project. All papers should be SPA Formatted and answer the following questions (at minimum) Name of Company:  Diamond Athletics Baseball Academy Relation to you: was a former student and player for their team Main Contact you will be working with (including email/phone # so I can talk with them if needed) Nick Santos Topic: What are you studying? What is the objective (result) you are hoping to accomplish for the organization?  How they went about starting up.  What problems they encountered.  What they would do differently or any suggestions.Scope:Other details I should know about the nature/relation of the project? Have you secured approval of the client? If yes, how will they be working with you? They will allow me to observed, interview and participate during fall break.What major issues/dates do you have to work around, be cognizant of as you do your work with them (i.e. major travel of your key contact, company events that make the population unavailable or too busy to speak with you?)They are in Waco, I am in school, will have to do this over winter break.Names of the other team members you will be working with (limit 3 to a team):Project plan Details (WITH DEFINED DATES & ACTIONS)-Defining Project & Key Deliverables- Gaining Client agreement- Designing Observations & Data Collection methods (Live observation, interviews, surveys) – DETAILS- Key milestones on the project (Dates when: •Observing the working environment (teams/meetings/processes, etc) •Interviewing/surveying leaders/employees (who and how many?) • finalizing data collection, •  analyzing results, •Developing recommendations •Testing recommendations/findings with client •Finalizing results communicated •Developing info graphic, paper, and presentation •Final product completed Support requested from Professor/outside help:Questions:

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