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Influence of celebrity endorsement/ endorsers on consumer behavior: A study of endorsers/ channel source credibility on consumer decision through Instagram.

This study is intended to examine the extent to which celebrity endorsement influences consumer behavior, premised on the assumption that brands’ use of celebrity endorsement has an effect on how much consumers become aware, perceive and engage with the value offerings (products and services) coming from said brands. It is also aimed at investigating the extent to which celebrity (and other forms of) endorsers influence consumers’ perception of a brand/campaign’s credibility and how that, in turn, influences consumer behavior. It also considers the role of Instagram in marketing – particularly, marketing communications – and how the platform has evolved to become a significant factor, not only in how brand intend to (and do) communicate their value offerings and engage their consumers (including their use of celebrity endorsers), but also in how consumers interact with brands, form opinions and perceptions about them, and ultimately choose to (or not to) buy their offerings.

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