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How will you notify the public/concerned parties that there is a problem?

Sexual Transmitted diseases in Orlando, FL( Central Florida area)

Topic. STD in Orlando, FL( Central Florida area) How does your selected health initiative play a role in the health of the people of your community? Think about your nursing experiences and your knowledge of the healthcare systems. Clearly identify the topic of the health initiative (be sure to include the population you wish to address) and why you chose it. What data and/or what public policy support your choice? The Plan What outcomes do you wish to achieve? Be specific and make sure they are measurable. How/when will you measure that outcomes were met? What is your plan to address this health initiative? Be specific.How will you notify the public/concerned parties that there is a problem? For example, if you choose to write a letter to the editor or to your congressperson, what will you put in the letter? Will anyone assists you in developing or implementing your initiative? Be specific about their roles. Will you ask for input from any group of people? What specifics are involved in your plan—article for a paper, presentation at church, parent/teacher meeting, etc.? Miscellaneous Minimum of five references:No more than two from websites (appropriate websites are those that are .org, .gov, or .ed only.) At least one research article At least two professional nursing journal articles When preparing your references, double-check to be sure that the DPI (if used) is correct. Also check to be sure that the URLs for journals are correct.

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