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Discuss the best platforms to deliver the message. Inform stakeholders about your strategy for dealing with future changes in audience preferences.

Better You!, a small start-up widget company that develops health and fitness apps, has hired you as a communications specialist to help plan how to get the word out about the company’s new app. The owners, Zoey and Brooke, do not have much experience in communications and marketing, so the first thing they are looking for is your support with finding and evaluating data to determine who their audiences are. Since the widgets are online, there should be a wide audience, but they would like to target some specific areas as well.
Before you create your customer profile, review the BetterYou! Vision and Product Information in the “Supporting Materials” section.
Audience Targeting: First, Zoey and Brooke would like you to explain how you used data to segment and target the right audience.

Use data to choose the right target audience. Consider online audiences and specific geographic areas: Where should the company advertise its products now and in the future?

Discuss how to use data to identify the target audience’s needs. Consider what data can tell companies about how people use products, and what types of data can be useful in identifying audience needs. What is often missing from data? What strategies can companies use to gather more targeted information?

Audience Segmentation: Zoey and Brooke have also asked you to explain how audience segmentation works. This will help you inform your stakeholders about who the customer is.

Stakeholders at Better You! are interested in learning how you chose the target audience. Explain how you use audience targeting data to segment an audience. Consider key factors such as distribution, lifestyle, and demographic information.

Explain how you used data to communicate with your target audience. How did data such as audience behavior or demographics help you plan your communications?

Messaging Strategy: Finally, Zoey and Brooke would like you to discuss how you’ll create a message that meets the needs of the targeted audience. What methods will you use to make sure that the message is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right place? Others at the company will also want to know that the money spent on advertising is being used correctly.

Discuss the best platforms to deliver the message. Inform stakeholders about your strategy for dealing with future changes in audience preferences.

Support your plan with details on how the target audience uses media. Remember to discuss the communication platforms that will engage general online audiences and audiences in a specific location.

Explain how to use key metrics to measure the success of the brand’s message. Think about how you might use key metrics to strengthen future communication and messaging strategies.
You have been asked to create a customer profile that should be 750–1,250 words in length (or 3 to 5 pages). The profile should evaluate data to segment and target appropriate audiences for the Better You! app.

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