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Outline the various stages of the projects across the semester leading up to the outcome(s).

Statement of Intent
Length: 500 words Weighting: 10%

It is important to choose projects that are achievable within the time frame, but still have concrete outcomes. It is also strongly suggested that the project should draw on expertise and interests you have already developed, and might also build towards your post-graduation career.
Statements of Intent should be at least 500 words, and include the following sections:
1. Project Title
Hollywood representation of Arab cinema
2. Project Background
This is the context for the project, and will include an analysis of the area in which the project will take place, and should demonstrate an awareness of relevant development in that area. For instance, if the planned project were on film exhibition in Australia then it would be expected that some industry reports and relevant scholarship would be referenced.
The section should also provide background on the student’s expertise and interests as well as their suitability for the planned project.

3. Project Aims
This is where the student outlines what they plan to achieve, including a description of the expected outcome(s)

4. Expected Challenges
This is where the student will try to identify potential challenges to the completion of the planned project as well as how they expect to address them.

5. Timeline
Outline the various stages of the projects across the semester leading up to the outcome(s).
A Gantt chart is suggested for timelines: How to… create a basic Gantt chart in Excel (2013) http://tinyurl.com/n5drgrt (Links to an external site.)
And https://support.office.com/en-us/article/present-your-data-in-a-gantt-chart-in-excel-f8910ab4-ceda-4521-8207-f0fb34d9e2b6

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