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Discuss theories and models of counseling, please include relevant information related to ethical and culturally relevant strategies for working with diverse clients.

1. Summarize the stages in the counseling process Spring 20212. Use research-based information to discuss Importance of building a working relationship in the counseling process 3. Impact of technology on the counseling process 4. Research help-seeking behaviors of diverse clients and provide examples of how that will influence the counseling process. 5. Discussion how to […]

Prepare a formal paper that outlines your case conceptualization on the movie character you selected, as if they were coming to you as a client suffering from trauma.

Your analysis will focus on the main character of a movie of your choice that identifies a client who suffers from trauma. Movies like “Good Will Hunting” or, more recently, “Manchester by the Sea” can provide great sources for your client profile in this assignment. Please do not feel limited by these choices, students can […]

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