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Analyze the organizational disabilities and systems archetypes present in the case. Explain and map at least one example of a systems archetype that can be seen in the case. Include at least one systems map as part of your explanation.

Review the following case, which focuses on the experience of River bend City Medical Center, an organization facing a cultural conflict. You can supplement your experience by reading the transcript. Instructions Write an analysis of the River bend case study, Planning Organizational Change Using the Four-Step Change Process. Include the following components: Introduce the case. […]

Describe background information on how that problem developed or came into existence.Identify the global societal problem within the introductory paragraph.

Write: This Final Paper, an argumentative essay, will present research relating the critical thinker to the modern, globalized world. In this assignment, you need to address the items below in separate sections with new headings for each. In your paper, Identify the global societal problem within the introductory paragraph. Conclude with a thesis statement that […]

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