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Discuss whether the action in your film is presented chronologically or non-linearly. In your discussion, address the following: What are some of the effects of this choice on the audience?

Please choose a film from this list of approved choices download. Note: If you would like to write about a film that is not on this list, you must email your professor for approval in advance or you may not receive credit on this discussion. In at least 250 words, describe the relationship of story […]

“How does Kate Chopin use foreshadowing in The Awakening to get across her message about feminism and women’s empowerment at the turn of the twentieth century?”

Foreshadowing is an important part of The Awakening, as the novel begins and ends in the same location—the beach at Grand Isle. (Look up FORESHADOWING in the Literary Devices document.) As you read through the first few chapters of the novel pay attention to specific events, characters, or images that seem to be foreshadowing moments […]

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