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If parents are objecting to children being vaccinated on the basis of religion, should parents be forced to comply with the law anyway? Would forcing parents/their children to comply violate any of the First 10 Amendments to our Constitution (our Bill of Rights) such as Freedom of Religion or Due Process? Explain.

Immunization 1. If the compliance rate for vaccinations among school children is so high in most U.S. communities, why should parents and local school systems be so concerned over the fact that more children aren’t vaccinated? Or should they be concerned at all? Could anything really bad happen if 5-10% of children 0-6 years of […]

What are your thoughts about Sweden’s approach to using natural herd immunity prior to the use of an approved vaccine? Why did the WHO disapprove of Sweden’s approach? How can such a high death rate be ethically justified?

In the past, you have studied enzymes and proteins which are essential to maintaining homeostasis in all living organisms. In this discussion, we will be examining the development of three different vaccines for Covid-19, all of which block spike proteins , also known as antigens, on the surface of the virus. These vaccines also stimulate […]

Basic overview of the issue (i.e., What is it? History? (500 words)

– Mask wearing policies/laws – School re-openings during COVID – Child immunization – Gun ownership restrictions – Taxes on sugary beverages – Lowering of BAC while driving from .08 to .05 – Universal health coverage The paper should include the following sections: Basic overview of the issue (i.e., What is it? History? (500 words) Connection […]

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