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Prepare a legal memorandum that analyzes the constitutionality of a Congressional amendment that delegates judicial and legislative authority to the BORS, as described above in Facts.

The University of Virginia case involving alleged violations of the Human Cloning Act (HCA) is one of the most complex investigations the BORS has faced. The case involved diverse legal issues that raised questions of whether the HCA and the BORS legal authority is sufficient to handle such complex cases that might arise in the […]

Are officers being hesitant in using force, placing themselves and the public at risk? Will law makers need to enact legislation to redefine the vindication for use of force?

Present day, it is evident that policing is going to be reformed in reference to the use of physical force, I believe that extreme constrictions will be mandated, and policing will be revolutionized once again. I will focus on the 21st Century Policing Initiative that has been in the execution stages for the past few […]

Are there any discriminatory differences in how the news media portrays certain types of offenders? Provide a specific example.

Week Two – Writing Assignment #1 Option 1: Moral Panic Crime is a popular topic discussed in the news, both locally and nationally. News media tend to focus on crime stories because they know it will capture and maintain an intrigued audience. How are criminals depicted in the news? What narratives do the media perpetuate […]

Describe the requirements to enter and remain rn each program Explain which program you feel is most effective and why provide support for your argument.

Define community corrections . Identify at least 2 community corrections programs available in your State. Compare the need each program is meant to address as well as the population each is meant to serve. Describe the requirements to enter and remain rn each program Explain which program you feel is most effective and why provide […]

Prepare an office memorandum that addresses; Whether authorizing the BORS to regulate all interstate commerce violates Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

Facts: Congress is considering an amendment to the Human Cloning Act that would allow the BORS to: Regulate all interstate commerce, and Hear all cases appealed from the Federal district courts that involve issues related to cloning. Senator Caster questions whether this amendment to the HCA is constitutional, and she has sought an opinion from […]

Perform a corporate name search at this website to determine if the name Shania is considering is available for use in the State of Colorado. Assess whether the name is available as a trademark.

Discussion Board Forum 3 Case Study. Starting and Naming a Business. Shania Jackson is a mature Christian thinking of opening a Christian coffeehouse near Denver, Colorado. Her husband, Marvin, is open to making a contribution of capital to the business, but he has no interest in participating in its operation or management. Shania’s sister, Kelsey, […]

Where does one house an inmate sentenced to LWOP who was born a male but is living as a female, with or without GRS? Is there a case to be made that the Court’s denial of the appeal in the MA case results in a violation of the inmate’s 8th Amendment rights?

1.Does institutional racism exists in our criminal justice system? Select one of the following aspects of our criminal justice system (courts, police, corrections, or probation/parole) and, citing at least two authoritative sources (not the textbook), make the case to support your position on this issue. Make sure that you consider this question from a legal […]

State whether you agree with the court’s holding(s) in the case, and briefly explain why-Explain how a hypothetical change to the fact(s) you identified would have resulted in a different holding(s)

Conduct research using free legal research websites (e.g. Justia, Google Scholar, Findlaw, CourtListener) to find the decision in Alridge v. Rite Aid of Washington, D.C., Inc., issued by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in 2015. Once you have located the case, please do the following: (1) Summarize the key facts […]

Based on the rulings in EC- Conditions for the Granting of Tariff Preferences to Developing Countries (DS246), would Thailand be eligible for the tariff benefits from Korea? What would be required for Korea to defend its preferential tariff system?

Question I. 1.1 Suppose that the foot and mouth disease for swine was reported in Canada 10 years ago and since then the import of Canadian swine meat was prohibited in Singapore. On the other hand, the foot and mouth disease for swine also occurred in Chile six years ago. The swine meat from Chile […]

Identify, to the extent discernible, Holmes’s ontology, epistemology, axiology, and teleology; Demonstrate which, if any, of Llewellyn’s 9-Point Manifesto of Legal Realism, are present in the article.

Read and evaluate Bastiat’s The Law. More specifically, you are to: Identify, to the extent discernible, Bastiat’s ontology, epistemology, axiology, and teleology; Judge his use of political language. Does Bastiat define terms such as authority, power, liberty, equality, and justice biblically? Express and defend your general agreement/disagreement with the content therein. Read and evaluate the […]

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