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What are some other factors besides just staying within the planned budget that might be considered in making the decision about which mortgage to choose?

1. Lamar Lacey is trying to decide which mortgage is best for him. He needs to finance $167,000 and has planned a budget of $1,000 for his payment of principal and interest. His choices are a 30-year mortgage at 5.75% interest or a 25-year mortgage at 5.5% interest. What are some other factors besides just […]

Why wholesale stores such as Costco need a lower safety stock than smaller stores such as Stop and Shop?

You consider reserving a campsite for the weekend. Should you make the reservation as soon as possible to have more choices, or as late as possible to ensure a nice weather? Given dynamic changes in demand for different majors and skills, how can you maximize the chance of choosing the right major? You are considering […]

Prepare a statement of argument arguing Alf’s case on each of the grounds listed above.

Alf and Bette have been cohabiting for 25 years. When they bought the house in which they lived, Alf was unemployed. The house was put into Bette’s sole name because they did not wish to explain Alf’s circumstances to the mortgage lender. Bette reassured him that he could do his bit if he became successful. […]

How much will she need to borrow in order to buy the Emirates Hills villa? Amortize the loan if annual payments across a 25-year period.

Financial Management – Group Project This project contains two parts – A and B Group Project: Part A: Car Loan 50 Marks Shaikha is your sister. She has done so well in FIN 2003 and obtained an A+ grade. She wants to celebrate her success by buying a nice car. Shaikha has set her eyes […]

Discuss Types of Mortgage and Source of financing

Types of Mortgage and Source of financing Your posts in the discussion section should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. For Week 8 Discussion Post, please read the fact pattern carefully. Review the discussion prompts and thoroughly discuss any potential claim or identify all issues, then state and define […]

Describe two mortgage relief programs available to homeowners. Be sure to include at least one example of how each program provides relief to homeowners.

Description As a result of the mortgage crisis beginning in 2006, several programs have been introduced by lenders and/or government agencies to provide homeowners with relief from mortgage obligations that would result in foreclosure and loss of a residence. In a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) Describe two mortgage relief […]

Would you agree to pay the $165 million that Wal-Mart is asking? Why or why not?Discuss

React: A loan with an 80% loan to value ratio is preferable to a loan with a 50% loan to value ratio. React: When evaluating the attractiveness of an investment, you should mainly focus on your equity IRR because it tells you the return you will realize on your invested money. React: If a buyer […]

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