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Submit a position paper using Turn It In, on the potential utility and importance of transformational performance measurement based on a composite deconstruction of scholarly literature, balanced scorecard metrics, systems alignment, and collaboration to a) strategic leadership

Strategic Readiness of Intangibles:

Employees, partnerships, innovation, equipment.

It’s not enough to just have intangible assets.  We need to be ready in all areas for deployment to be strategic.

Not being ready is like unused inventory.

We must also be ready to support internal processes to achieve strategic objectives.

Connecting the link (People)

Link most important intangible assets with major strategic priorities.

Our people are our biggest asset but we cannot forget about equipment and training.

Rate each asset from 0 to 100% in how they align with strategic objectives.

People rate near 100% due to mission accomplishment through proper and effective planning.

Connecting the link (Equipment)

Critical infrastructure on new ship design, cyber threats, current inventory retro-fit.

Equipment rates near 80% due to budget planning and new technology being brought online, daily.

Movement of equipment around the world to fit strategic objectives.

New world threats.  No longer in a war on terror.

Connecting the link (Training)

Training the people to operate the equipment focusing on the new strategic outcomes.

Maritime domain superiority.

Training rates above 70% but training is expensive.

More budget issues to move training over to new age training for the mission at hand.

Way forward for intangibles.

Ensuring the manning, training, and equipment always meet the newest strategic goals.

Adapting to the new cyber security environment that can change daily or sooner.

Investing and understanding our greatest asset;

People Investing and understanding new technology to allow personnel to be affective on the battlefront

Strategic Objectives:

New strategic outlook for the artic regions.

Nuclear posture review.

Ballistic Missile Defense.

Education for Sea power.

Training the trainer.

Incorporating the US Coast Guard more in the Sea Services.


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