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Develop the presentation: research the theory and use the primary source and at least 4 other scholarly sources to become knowledgeable about this theory and how to apply it. 


Each student has been assigned a Grand Theory (see list) to apply to a situation (i.e. a case study developed by the student). This assignment has two parts and is worth a total of 200 points.


PART I–DEVELOP THE PRESENTATION (170 points):   Each student will research the theory and use the primary source and at least 4 other scholarly sources to become knowledgeable about this theory and how to apply it.

Pertinent information that needs to be included in the presentation includes:

  1. Provides an overview of a problem (Case Study)
  2. Uses a Grand Theory to address the problem
    1. Description of the Grand Theory
    2. Analysis of the Grand Theory
      1. See Table 5-2 on p. 100 in M & W text
      2. Refer to rubric for additional details
    3. Recommendations to resolve the problem in the case study using the assigned Grand Theory (do not try to fit the theory to what you did, rather consider how the theory could guide future practice?)
  3. Plans for evaluation of appropriateness of theory to the problem


PART II–PRESENT THEORIST ON CANVAS (30 points):   In the designated area of Discussion Board, each student will do the following:

  1. On the week prior to the assigned presentation, each student will upload a 15-20 slide Power Point or Prezi presentation (with summary bullet points describing key points-refrain from complete sentences or long narratives) and a 2-3 page script with summarized bullet points describing the key concepts/information for each slide (10 points):
  2. Include a reference page with the script (using APA, 6th ed).
  3. Include only essential information in outline form for the script. Refrain from long narrative sentences.
  4. Engage in discussion with peers, and answer questions about own presentation throughout the week (10 points).
  5. Select and evaluate the theorist presentations of two peers on Discussion Board. The theorists being evaluated must be different from the theorist being presented by the student (10 points).

Students are encouraged to be creative with this assignment. Students should engage the class in dialogue and remain interactive during the week of online discussion.




Content of Grand Theory Points Possible Comments
Description of Problem and Theory

·         Background data of problem and theorist

·         Purpose/ type of theory

·         Definition of major concepts

·         Description of major theoretical statements/ propositions

·         Description of major assumptions








Analysis of the Grand Theory

·         Theoretical /operational definitions of concepts

·         Theoretical /operational definitions of statements

·         Logic of the theory

·         Consistency of the theory

·         Model /diagram and its usefulness







Evaluation of the Grand Theory

·         Congruency with nursing standards and current therapeutics

·         Testing of the theory

·         Evidence to support theory (or not)

·         How has theory been used?

·         Applicability, relevancy, and contribution to nursing








Application of the Grand Theory to the case study

·         Uses the theory to guide what therapeutic interventions might be appropriate.

·         Shows the linkage between the theory and the practice application






·         Primary source was used and cited

·         Four additional scholarly sources were used and provided support for presentation (and cited)

Two to three page script developed and submitted along with references (APA format)





Presentation of the Grand Theory on Discussion Board    
Presentation and script/references are uploaded to Canvas by due date. 10  

·         Evaluated two peer presentations, as per guidelines

·         Engaged class in online discussion throughout the week.  Promptly responded to posts and used questions to engage audience

·         Is professional in all dialogue









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