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What can you learn from their marketing approaches to add to your company?

Apple company Complete a SWOT analysis for your assigned company AND a 2 page Competitor Analysis discussing the competitive environment (overview of competitors and what they are doing well and not well) and your company’s competitive advantage For the SWOT: Identify your companies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats For the Competitor Analysis: Who are your […]

What impact do you think Apple’s choice to introduce the iPhone in the US exclusively through AT&T had on its brand? What might Apple have done differently?

Apple’s brand franchise is extensive, but most recently we have seen wave after wave of “i-Things” (iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iTouch, iPad). When Apple developed the iPhone, it did so in conjunction with AT&T. Many think that inhibited the brand’s growth, since AT&T had suffered from service issues. In fact, the introduction of the iPhone swamped […]

Describe the organizational change process steps that you would take, and prioritize the order in which you would take them.

Company’s to chose from (Google, Apple, Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon). Select an organizational change that is taking place within your company or one that you have researched. Write a 1,050-word or more organizational change plan in which you address the following: Describe the organizational change process steps that you would take, and prioritize the order in […]

Explain how Apple has created this valuation.

Business According to Brand Finance’s 2022 rankings, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand coming in at $355 billion USD. (https://brandirectory.com/rankings/global/) This is a remarkable achievement considering in 2019 Apple was in second place and worth less than half of this amount, $153.6 billion USD. To reach their 2022 valuation, Apple has taken a number […]

Prepare an amortization table for the investment in Mint’s bonds (from 2019 to 2025).

PART A On July 1, 2017, FMT purchased thousand shares of the following bonds issued by Apple. APPLE INC.DL-NOTES 2017(17/27) https://markets.businessinsider.com/bonds/apple_incdl-notes_201717-27-bond-2027-us037833cx61?miRedirects=1 Coupon rate: 3% Maturity Date: 6/30/2027** Payment Frequency: Semi-annual (June 30 and December 31) ** Face value per share: $100 The total face value of the investment is $100,000. On the purchase day, the […]

Do you think Apple can continue to grow by developing breakthrough products that create new markets, as it did with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad?

Marketing Case 1-3: Apple vs. Samsung (at the end of Chapter #1, in the discussion area of your textbook). Answer questions: 1-20, 1-21, 1-22, 1-23 1-20. In 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone 5c to attract consumers who were not willing or able to pay a premium for an Apple device. The price was about $100 […]

How can this company take advantage of the strengths and opportunities?

Write a 5 + page double space essay regarding: Explain the importance of a SWOT analysis Research Apple and write in complete paragraphs to explain Apple’s: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. How do these impact this company? What should management do to overcome the weaknesses and threats? How can this company take advantage of the […]

What can Zachary recommend in his report to adapt (a proactive approach) and hold off the competition with Tesla in the electric car market?

Since Tesla started selling automobiles, Zachary, Tesla’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) has guided the brand to go further and faster than any other vehicle startup in history. He has created the image that Tesla is to cars what Apple has long been to consumer electronics, with the same kind of innovative products and cult brand […]

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