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Explore the numerous factors that are placing pressure on gorilla communities in various regions of Africa.

Description Assignment Introduction: Over the past 50 years, certain regions in Africa have experienced industrial forestry and agricultural development that has significantly reduced the area of the natural forest. As humans develop previously isolated areas, the interaction between humans and non-human primates increases. Through these interactions human diseases can be transmitted to primates, and the […]

Using the CSU Online Library and other scholarly source locations, find at least five sources, and write a literature review that (1) discusses your topic’s information and (2) justifies a general research (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods) approach that you could utilize in your study.

Using the attached bibliography as sources for this assignment: At this point in the course, you have narrowed the topic that you would like to research, learned the importance of critically evaluating the literature, and identified a research design approach that would yield valid and reliable data in your proposed study. In Unit III, you […]

Conduct a detailed analysis of one of the sections listed above (1-12) analysing the decisions you made and the academic justification for the decisions. (approximately 1,0000 words).

The overall operations strategy Process design including the network of suppliers (to meet your new expanded needs. Remember you are going to try to bring the operation into the 21st century and need to be much more customer focused. So your website may be very important to get right.) Budgeting/cost implications of different options e.g. […]

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