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What do you find most compelling or interesting about this work? Include 2-3 images of the installation, as well as the artist’s name, title of the work, location, year and any other relevant materials.

Discussion question For your Initial Discussion Board Post answer the following: Review the Land Art sites that we looked at this week and select one work to focus on. Feel free to explore Dia Sites, this Atlas Obscura article ‘A Tour of Spectacular 1970s Art Made From the Landscape Itself‘ or this Artland Magazine article […]

Develop a program related to enhancing your agency’s emergency services that will address services during the CoVid 19 pandemic that will address the agency’s ability to identify and serve those who are not visible and have lost access to shelters, schools, services due to the impact of the virus.

5. Identify and discuss 1 Law that addresses: 1. The victim 2. The Perpetrator 6. Identify and discuss 1 program that is national or located in your geographic area that addresses: 1. The victim 2. Perpetrator 7. You are a social worker in a program that provides services to the population that is the topic […]

Summarize your observations and make three recommendations that may be effective to improve quality performance using the data to leverage decision making at the institution.

In this assignment, you will research hospital performance quality measures in your state or general geographic area. Access information regarding hospital quality measures at the Medicare Hospital Compare website at the following link: https://www.medicare.gov/care-compare/?providerType=Hospital&redirect=true Instructions: Provide a general overview of three hospital. Create a chart comparing, at a minimum, four of the seven quality measures […]

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