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What do you find most compelling or interesting about this work? Include 2-3 images of the installation, as well as the artist’s name, title of the work, location, year and any other relevant materials.

Discussion question For your Initial Discussion Board Post answer the following: Review the Land Art sites that we looked at this week and select one work to focus on. Feel free to explore Dia Sites, this Atlas Obscura article ‘A Tour of Spectacular 1970s Art Made From the Landscape Itself‘ or this Artland Magazine article […]

On the same page, the author also mentions that some Indigenous people have no problem identifying as Canadian, what might some of the reasons for wanting to be called Canadian be?

Week 2 Cited Reading Question/Comment In Vowel’s (2016) article, she mentions that many Indigenous people do not considerthemselves Canadian (p. 12). Do you think that more Indigenous people would consider themselves Canadian if it was a form of dual citizenship rather than, as the author notes, being a situation where Indigenous people did not consent […]

The Viens Commission – Look at recommendations (Does it pay attention to Queer concerns in this inquiry… or English-speaking people in Quebec?) What does it mean to be black and Indigenous ? 

INDIGENOUS ISSUES Watch Reconciliation Trips Over A Pipeline. Read – Smith, A. Queer theory and nature studies: The heteronormalitivy of settler colonialism. Environmental Destructions and Current Issues Impacting Indigenous Nations and Inuit today Raid of Wet’suwet’en part of Canada’s ongoing police violence against Indigenous Peoples Saidero, D. (2017). Violence against the earth is violence against […]

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