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How did you learn about this artist and why did you choose him/her?Explain your answer.

Power point presentation about the artist – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner a. nationality b. dates of work, life c. education d. style of art e. media f. movement in art he/she is most associated with g. major contribution to the art world, society h. most famous work of art a. title, date, style, media, size b. […]

Briefly explore your reasons for selecting the literary text as support for your response.

Critical / Analytical Response to Literary Texts Initial Planning You may use this space for your initial planning. This information assists markers in identifying the text you have chosen to support your ideas. The markers who read your composition will be very familiar with the literary text you have chosen. Literary Text and Text Creator […]

How are they arranged? Is the work balanced? Is there a focal point? Is there a sense of movement?

Choose a piece of fine art: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation, video, etc. from the list below. I recommend choosing a piece that is visually complex, as there is more to write about. You must include a clear color image of the piece that you’ve chosen to analyze. It may be helpful to start […]

Describe the brush stroke in a painting, or the particular material of a sculpture, and how the material is used or manipulated. How does the material that the artist chose contribute to the interpretation of the work?

Composition – What is the subject or narrative? How is the work organized and unified? How do your eyes move around the work, and what do you focus on? Describe the color and explain how it affects the mood of the work and how it is used to organize the composition. What exactly is in […]

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